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By Jim Forexon

WOW! I’m not much for fiction but his was an outstanding read. it’s one of those books that I couldn’t put down and felt like reading a chapter before bed was never enough. Now that I’ve finished it, I can catch up on my sleep. Mr. Myrick not only has a very creative mind, but he obviously has tremendous knowledge of the real world, history, military tactics, the works. I don’t usually write reviews but I felt this book deserved my contribution. Thanks for writing it. If you are interested in a full featured adventure story, pick this one.

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Arklight: Operation Nightfall


Arklight: Operation Nightfall

Arklight: Operation Interdiction Blurb

Here’s a little piece of Interdiction, which should drop in early 2018:

Coming on the heels of Nightfall, a dangerous foe emerges on the verge of an incredible discovery, tumbling the team deeper into the mysterious world of the Knights Templar. This ominous threat battles Arklight to take control of the next piece of Arma Christi while the fate of the world hangs in the balance. Captain John Steadman and his team must risk everything in order to uncover the cryptic paradox of the time key and the potential hell on Earth it could unlock. The ultimate weapon could not only destroy humanity itself, but would also unleash unimaginable horrors upon mankind. A mission unfolds, further entangling the past with the future, while Arklight fights across time itself on their path of purpose.

Meanwhile, John Bell, Ian and Richie battle their way across Europe on the ultra-secret Alsos missions during World War II. They soon realize the Knights Templar journal is full of intelligence they must investigate, while Hitler’s henchmen pursue them for the guide to the ultimate weapon. The past catches up to the present when the confidential Alsos mission findings are shared with the Arklight team. An incredible tale comes to light – so mind boggling it can barely be fathomed by Admiral Grant, and Arklight’s mission is dangerously compromised by Magnus and his blood thirsty mercenaries. The showdown between good and evil takes a turn in the second installment of this epic military action adventure series.          

Interdiction news

On the heels of Nightfall, the team finds themselves on the verge of an incredible discovery taking them much deeper into the world Arklight has uncovered. Six months after returning from Bizerte, they finally link together the location of another piece of Arma Christi, but the revelation of a darker more ominous threat appears. John and the team must move quickly in order to press the advantage while Nathan and the Chief realize the potential of the next member of Arklight. Arklight candidate, Lieutenant Anne Carter soon finds herself in the middle of a battle she never could have seen coming. 

Richie, Ensign John Bell, and Commander Ian Fleming embark upon the ultra-secret Alsos missions during WW II. They soon realize the Knights Templar journal contains secrets they must decipher during thier fight across Europe. Hilter’s henchmen stay hot on the heels of the group while they track another priceless piece of stolen artwork, but the knowledge gained from Bizerte will start them on a path of purpose. They risk everything in an effort to uncover what secrets the journal actually contains.

The mysterious old CIA operative, Pappy, shows up in the middle of Interdiction to drop a truth on Admiral Grant so mind boggling, he can barely fathom its meaning. A story unfolds further entangling the past with the future while Arklight fights to secure an incredible secret. A secret that will lead them to the ultimate weapon and their true purpose. Arklight: Operation Interdiction will be filled with spies, elite soldiers, history, warfare, and the many secrets of the Knights Templar.

Book 3, Arklight: Task Force Crusader promises to tumble you deeper into the story and will answer the question; How did the binary coding get on the Ghent Alterpiece? Now, that’s going to be a fun story!

reviews, Reviews, REVIEWS

I’m seeing some folks have already read and enjoyed Arklight. I’ve seen some decent activity and if you have read it, write me a quick honest review on Amazon. Why – you might ask? The obvious reason is, good reader reviews sell books since they provide potential readers a different prospective on the material. Secondly, reviews help us story tellers craft a better product for the future.

Help a debut author get a story out there for readers to enjoy! Thanks to all who have contributed to this project!

Arklight: Operation Nightfall

Arklight: Operation Nightfall