Two days remaining for a FREE kindle edition copy of Arklight: Operation Nightfall. This is my debut novel and the first book in a series planned for five installments. Operation Interdiction is getting its rewrites currently and supercharges this story to the next level. 

This action and adventure series maintains a high level of suspense throughout. If you had to compare it to movies, I would say it’s National Treasure meets Zero Dark Thirty with a twist of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan for spice. I’ve gotten some feedback to suggest it’s a very interesting and unique story. Book 2 promises to be a much more visceral antagonistic experience. 

Remember, the FREE promo ends tomorrow. 


Make sure you get your Kindle eBook copy of Arklight this weekend! It’s FREE until midnight the 24th! SEALs, Marines, Para-Rescue, and Delta Force team up to provide their top percentage of warriors to form Arklight. Genius soldiers with cutting edge tech in a struggle to save the world from an evil foe. Recovered infamous art from WW II, Knights Templar secrets, spies, and an ultimate weapon of Christ provide some of the direction in this epic story!

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150 eBooks since midnight

Thanks to everyone for sharing the release! The free promotion seems to be gaining traction as I just crested 150 books downloaded since midnight. My 2nd review landed on Goodreads today at 5 of 5 stars! Please keep getting the word out, read, and give me a review on Amazon and/or Goodreads. I’m very appreciative to all of you and 50% of all proceeds will go to missions dedicated to disaster relief.

The fate of the 50

I’m signing 50 prerelease draft copies of Arklight. Maybe a few people will start getting some mail soon. Here’s a little inside info about these copies. They are draft copies that are formatted slightly different than the final addition. There are still a few editing errors in these that won’t be in the final edition. So, if this series gains traction in the months and years to come, these 50 will possibly be worth something. I thought it would be a neat thing to do. So, enjoy the read and let me know what you think.

Semper Fi to the 29 Palms bunch! There going in the mail tomorrow!

Free to Kindle Unlimited Users

After some thought and much reading I have enrolled Arklight into a 3 month special program exclusive to Amazon and Kindle. This is great for Amazon Unlimited readers because you can read it for free until January 12th! I will be running a special 5 day promotion starting October 20th where Arklight will be offered to ALL readers free on Amazon. 

Sorry to the Nook and iTunes bunch, but it will be coming your way via Smashwords after this initial release boost. It’s live for Prime users now. Please take a look and write me a review if you like what you see!

Arklight: Operation Nightfall


I got my first critic review request today. Let’s hope it goes well. Thank you Desert Rose Reviews for taking a look. Maybe in 4-6 weeks I’ll hear something good… Either way, I’ll learn from the experience.

I’m about a third of the way through my first rewrite of Interdiction and the picture represents one of the locations Spear team will visit. The story will grow by leaps and bounds. I’m really hating Magnus O’Keefe in this one and this story will be an antagonistic journey into the depths of Arklights true enemy. The fight across time rages on!