Arklight: The Definition

Since the word Arklight doesn’t technically exist in the English vocabulary, I thought I would define it (The perks of fiction). I got the idea for the name based on several factors. First, and foremost, it sounded cool. Secondly, a word that is defined in the vocabulary is very similar. Arc-light is a lamp in which the light source is a high-intensity electric arc either between carbon rods in air or between metal electrodes in a xenon gas atmosphere enclosed in quartz bulb (

If you have read Arklight, I think it will be easy to understand the similarities. One other use of the proper term refers to the Vietnam War in Operation Arc Light. That operation saw the use of B-52F Stratofortresses in close support operations during that conflict. You might see that again somewhere.

So, that brings me to the definition of Arklight which serves as the beyond top secret name for the unit featured in the novel. The definition of Arklight; an explosion of blinding electrical light signaling the arrival of God’s chosen warriors. A blast of righteous heavenly power upon the Earth.


Interdiction research

I had the opportunity to visit Shy’s Hill in Nashville on Saturday. It’s a very different sort of Memorial than most, because it sits in the middle of a residential subdivision. The only distinction between an empty lot and history is the marker that stands on the side of the road. On the 16th of December, 1864, the union charge started around 1500 and finally broken through the lines at around 1615. This was partially due to a poorly set defensive line allowing the enemy defilade up the hill and the fact that the confederates were grossly outnumbered. I was surprised at how steep the hill was to the peak, which I’m sure wasn’t a pleasant climb under fire. 

This battle signified the end of the fighting around Nashville after General Hood’s forces were sent into a massive retreat. The civil war ended only a few months later and this particular spot helped turn the war. I felt it strange that such an overwhelming terrain advantage was so easily overcome. The fierceness of the Minnesota regiment surely helped win the battle.

Today, I saw an opportunity to insert a fictional battle into this narrative. Of course, it will play off the nuances of the real situation, while developing the story at large.  John and Spear team will have a lot of ground to move through in this story. Covering 10 Clicks on foot while staying hidden from two standing armies won’t be easy. However, we know history can most easily be affected by knowledge obtained in the future. Our most modern soldiers fighting in the civil war will provide some interesting situations. Can’t wait to get back and start adding this first hand knowledge.

An Early Sneak Peak – The Prologue

Every mission starts with a purpose. The horrors of our world are far to often realized by the innocent, and in those instances warriors rise up to face the monsters. In Arklight, conspiracy turns the focal point most would see into the backdrop of a much larger plot. The world we know is only the tip of the iceberg. A sinister evil hides in the shadows waiting for an opportunity to strike.

The prologue foreshadows so much in the series to come. I hope you enjoy it, because it was pure enjoyment to write. While Magnus plays a small part in Nightfall, you will love to hate him in Interdiction.

Operation Nightfall will be available on Ebook very soon. Paperback is expected to release October 20th. Until then – I give you the prologue to the series as a teaser.


Fuel for the vision

My military background and training as a USMC Special Reaction Team operator built the blocks on which this story stands. However, the motivation to write the Arklight series evolved during my time working in law enforcement special operations some years later. Several people influenced this work, but I wanted to share some of the images which fueled the vision. I searched for the cutting edge technology you would expect the top tier operators in the U.S. arsenal to wear. The artwork of Alex J. Jessup jumped out at me, and I bought this work to display on my story board. 

The Arklight teams are outfitted with cutting-edge reactive camouflage, 3D Gen. 5 night-vision systems with thermal imaging, stealth tech, and state of the art ballistic protection. The communications, tracking and integrated targeting systems all work through a heads up display within the operators helmet. The best conglomerate of soldiers in the world, all geniuses in their own right, working with the best tech ever designed; combine to become a nearly unstoppable weapon for good.

Through my experience working in high-stress environments, where bad decisions result in the loss of life, the chaos of the Arklight story was spawned. My goal was to throw so much information at the reader they become totally immersed in the story. The action of the adventure and the development of the larger plot bring a ton of color to the secrets discovered. Since finishing the initial write of the sequel, I have to say this story is growing to epic proportions. A trip to Nashville, Tennessee will help develop some of the final details for Arklight: Operation Interdiction (Book 2).

Look for Arklight: Operation Nightfall to release on all available sources by October 20th, 2017. Stay tuned for the upcoming release news! 1*

Pray for Las Vegas and those affected by an act of evil.

Arklight news

Book two is completely through the initial write at around 75k words. I expect it to grow another 20-25k by the time it completes. The story takes a much darker turn with the introduction of the primary antagonist. You will soon get a glimpse when book one (Nightfall) releases October 20th, 2017.

Book two will be called Arklight: Operation Interdiction, and I have a working outline for book 3, Arklight: Task Force Crusader. The story continues to develop and grow in new and exciting directions! Book two could get released for publishing in March 2018 if I stay on track and look out for a strong new female hero to emerge (foreshadowed on the cover of Nightfall).