How many genres does Arklight: Operation Nightfall cross?

I was writing a description for Arklight the other day, and I found it impossible to categorize it traditionally.  Maybe one day, the powers that be will create a cross-genre classification.  So many books today seem to fit into the cross-genre category easier than the traditional one genre categories.  Arklight is best described as a Christian-based action-adventure historical mystery-suspense real-person science fiction novel (and breathe)…  It’s really difficult to categorize in my humble opinion, however I’m not a literary expert by any stretch of the imagination.  I’m a cop.

Truth is, I had no idea I was going to write this book, or that I would be almost finished writing the sequel (with a third book already outlined).  I actually pitched the concept to an accomplished author friend of mine, and he told me that I should just write it.  It sounded so simple, like the saying of a popular shoe company.  This friend of mine has a great faith, with an equally sound moral compass.  He’s the type of guy you listen to when he speaks.  After some time went by, I just sat down and started writing.  One month later it was done at some 65k words.  However, it took another few painful months of work to have Arklight presentable.  It’s at the editor with close to 94k words full of color, description, and suspense. 

So, in a few weeks I’ll share this incredible information-packed story of Christian-based fiction with the world (or whoever I give a copy to).  Maybe some people will read Arklight, or maybe they won’t.  Would profitable sales be nice?  Of course they would, but that is the last thing I’m concerned about.  This book did a work in me through the teachings of God, and I am a better man for writing about what was learned.  It’s hard for any author to recoup the thousands of hours of work they put into their projects, but it’s easy to quantify the spiritual growth you experience in a work of Christianity (even a fictional novel).  In the end, if Arklight reaches one person, and affects them positively – that’s a huge win!

May God Bless our country (especially Texas and Louisiana at present), our military, first responders, and all those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Some 1st Chapter facts

In Chapter 1 of Operation Nightfall, characters from the fictional world collide with those who lived through the experience.  The setting is Casablanca, Moroccco, on December 7th, 1942, just one day before the allied invasion.  A little known coup d’etat was in play between the pro-allied General Antoine Béthouart and the loyal Vichy-French General Charles Noguès.  The coup was stopped which led to the reinforcement of troops garrisoned on the beaches.  This increased casualties on both sides and prolonged what should have been a much shorter operation.  Major General George S. Patton commanded the western task force consisting of some 35,000 troops and around 100 ships.  Casablanca also saw the first firing of 16″ naval guns in combat when the U.S.S. Massachusetts (BB-59) sank the Vichy French Battleship Jean Bart at her dock.

Another more famous soldier is introduced in Chapter 1, although he wasn’t famous until well after the war.  Lieutenant Ian Fleming, British Intelligence, became one of the most famous writers in modern culture.  Maybe he wrote good spy novels, because he was a good spy?  Maybe or maybe not, but for the sake of fiction let’s assume the affirmative.  In 1942, Ian was working strangely enough on Operation Goldeneye, which was the plan to maintain Gibraltar’s intelligence operations in the event Spain fell into German hands. The trip from Gibraltar into Northern Africa was a short boat ride, even with a war on.  Let’s just say, maybe the plucky Brit intelligence officer got into a few things that might be considered classified.

One of the main characters in the book also existed during the time period.  Ensign John Bell, who is recognized in U.S. Navy SEAL history as one of the first SEALS, participated in Operation Torch.  He leads a small group of Naval Raiders to scout the beaches of Casablanca prior to the invasion.  However, once they arrive he unveils a much more difficult mission.  A mission that sets the tempo for Operation Nightfall.


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The Blurb

The United States’ most formidable secret unit impacts the past creating a line through history, revealing that God exists independent of time. Seventy-three years after World War II, while on a mission to capture the world’s most wanted terrorist, Arklight’s Spear Team, led by genius historian Navy SEAL Captain John Steadman, discovers a remarkable Nazi conspiracy. Through a supernatural phenomenon, the small Arklight team teleports to 1943 Bizerte, Tunisia, one day into the allied assault on the city. The team’s interactions with a group of Navy Raiders in World War II lead them to discover the Nazi plans for an atomic bomb and a weapon of Christ, known as the Titulus Crucis.
The Navy Raiders discover a powerful truth through faith, which binds them to America’s most modern and formidable warriors conceived to date. Historical figure Ensign John Bell and his small band of Raiders soon experience Arklight’s ability to wage all out warfare against the Nazi death-machine. In 1943, Hitler’s hope to rule the world stands on the fringe of reality, but the Arklight team’s encounter with a powerful force enables them a chance to alter destiny itself. The coveted mysteries of Christ are unveiled, and the team soon discovers the forces of darkness have a larger more ominous plan in play.

Arklight – Book 1

I wanted to announce that Arklight:Operation Nightfall will be coming out very soon!  This cross genre book incorporates some very interesting concepts.  The historical fiction elements and historical figures used in this fiction novel closely mirror reality.  Another interesting concept surrounds Christianity itself and the fact that God exists independent of time and space.

The concept for this book came from the history of modern warfare, and answered a question.  What would happen if the most modern special operations warriors in the U.S. arsenal engaged the Nazi war-machine?  How does that play out, and if it did, how would history be impacted?

There will be much more to come, including a complete walk through of book 1 and updates throughout this project!  Book 2 is already being written and this series continues to grow.